Coming to Discovery I did not know what to expect at all and I didn't even know why I was there. Before Discovery I was an extremely judgmental person, especially towards other people. After Discovery and Transformation, my negative feelings toward people diminished, I accept them for how they are.
I finally discovered my inner confidence and power, after hiding it for almost my entire life. I realized it was always within me, I was just too scared to show it. Even after Transformation, I'm stilling learning new things about myself and the they way I operate in life. I was able to get back in touch with a cousin that I hadn't talked to for years, and that meant the world to me.

These workshops are truly an investment, and I can honestly say that they are the best things I have ever done for my life.

Aviva Saadatfar

The work provided, for those who are hungry, is extremely effective and powerful. The only thing is theyre just there to provide the training, you have to step up and be accountable for your own experience. If you half ass the work you'll get a half ass result. It will only take you as far as youre willing to go, I came from oregon after living in a gym for 3 years, i shit you not. The work was so powerful i decided to stay and complete the rest of the courses. The workshop has provided me tools to karate-chop the throats of my bad habits and negative beliefs. I am close to my way of being successful, independent and powerful in all aspects in my life. At first i thought the program was only after my pocketbook but they kept pushing for me and everyone in the room, which made me almost want to quit multiple times. I am glad i didnt. The people running it are like magical and elusive unicorns blasting positive energy out into the group. They got your back like a butt-crack as long as you are being receptive to the training and committed to empowering and changing your life. I highly recommend it, y'all.

Rye-dawg Dean

Game Changer

I just attended the Discovery and Transformation workshops this past October 2016 and they completely changed my life. I have done a lot of personal growth work and attending many different workshops and seminars, but nothing compares to EAC seminars. I had one of the most powerful experiences of my life, besides giving birth. I got to truly experience myself as a confident, powerful, worthy, trusting, loving, peaceful, fun, happy, free, woman! which is something I have been wanting to experience for YEARS! unlike most seminars, EAC is completely experiential and helps people not only understand how they've created their current circumstances, but you experience the choice to choose a new path moving forward to create the life you want. The transformation I witnessed not only in myself but in all the other people was remarkable. I have connected on a deep level with new people, and created new friendships that I will never forget. You walk out there, never wanting to leave and missing everyone involved. The trainer is beyond amazing because he is so committed and passionate about his work and helping lives. The staff is all amazing and they care about you and your breakthroughs. It's worth every penny and I recommend it to everyone!!!

I was refereed to EAC by a close friend of mine, at the time nothing in my life was going the way I'd hope. After listening to me he had me register for the Discovery program.

I had heard of self-development/transformational workshops and I was interested in achieving better results in my business & social life. I always made excuses why I couldn't attend the worksop, whether it be financial or work related. After a while I just decided to go ahead and do it.

Honestly, walking in I was looking for the workshop to "fix me" or give me a magical pill. Fortunately however, it gave me the tools to achieve the levels I've wanted. Since going through the EAC seminars I achieved promotions at work and have a completely different relationship with my family, friends and all the people around me.

The workshops are not there to "fix" anybody but to help people get the maximum result possible in their life.

Thank You EAC & Sam

Jon Loyhayem

I participated in Discovery, Transformation, and Leadership almost 4 years ago and my life completely changed paths ever since. I always had an inkling there was more within me, but I could not get in touch with that mysterious inner voice. I initially took Discovery to have a closer relationship with my family and through that I also realized that there was tons more that came to surface! The courses gave me the courage to go back to grad school and complete my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I currently am a practicing therapist and loving the work I am able to bring to children through getting to know myself better. Ultimately Sam's compassionate, direct, and intuitive nature brought forth many parts of myself that I had been hiding from and am now able to live and express them fully. So, if you are looking to have a closer relationship with YOURSELF, then I without hesitation recommend taking Discovery and find out how colorful your truly are!

Silvy Khoucasian

I am a 47-year-old married man with three kids.
Three years ago, after being on an emotional roller-coaster,
I got evolved in this life changing experience called "Discovery”. Going through the workshop I discovered how much I had in my life, as well as what I was missing out on. Going through Discovery and the rest of seminars EAC provides, I learned to look at life and myself in a different way. I learned not to take my relationships and people around me for granted and most of all I learned not to judge others and especially not judge myself. I thank EAC everyday for the tools that it gave me.

Ramin Nobel

EAC was a great experience. I had the opportunity to go through Discovery with my wife and daughters and was able to achieve a better understanding of them as well as understanding many of the factors that shape my own views and decisions. I have been able to apply this information not just in my personal life but also as a tool to better deal with situations, associates and clients in my work.

Brad Johnson

My life has been forever changed since my introduction to EAC. It's been almost 2 years since I did Discovery - by far one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had in my life thus far. EAC helped reveal layers of consciousness I didn't know existed such as, but not limited to, patterns in my life that kept repeating and not understanding why. I am incredibly thankful to have been a part of program like this. EAC gave me a new perspective of myself and life that is absolutely priceless.
If you are ready and willing to travel through unknown territory, have an amazing experience learning more about yourself with and through others, or want to enhance the awesome life you already have, then you have come to the right place. The key is right here, the question is.. are you ready to unlock it?

Madison Berrones

A couple years ago I went to lunch with a friend i use to work with. She was super excited and energetic about a training that she just completed. I was very curious as she was always outgoing but something was different about her. As she spoke to me about her overcoming some personal obstacles, I was intrigued. Within a few weeks I was sitting in my first training. To be honest I had no idea what to expect. I was really in for a life changing experience. Now I know that sounds cliche but I cannot deny that where I am at professionally, emotionally, and spiritually all stem from breakthroughs I had in the courses. If I had to some up all of my breakthroughs into one sentence It would be something like “Choose to win” or “Don’t be afraid to lead, but there is no shame to know when to be lead”. With the tools I discovered in these training supported me in transforming my life and the connections with my family, the people I meet professionally and romantically. EAC’s was a journey more than a run-of-a-mill training seminar.

I went from being a independent contractor for websites and computer repair, to a few years later being a co-founder and CTO of funded startup. Due to the confidence and the ability to enroll others to my vision, I now have several offers a month to start new businesses or to be an advisor. I really owe my success to the expedited results of a environment of consistent breakthroughs.

Thank you for all that I have met, all that have supported me, and all that I have supported because of my newly formed relationship with the EAC family.

Dirk Dodson

My EAC experience from the Discovery class to the LP program gave me a raw insight on the habits I carry out on a daily basis that even I was unaware of. Yes, believe it or not there are decisions that we make everyday that we chalk up to circumstance when in reality there is little left to coincidence. It was like having a mirror stare at me in the face and at first I didn’t recognize that it was my own reflection staring back but when I did, I had the power to change the outcomes of everything I put my hand on. How it has changed my life is that it’s given me the realization of why things are the way they are in my life and enlightened me to the fact that very little that happens as a result of luck. Most all of it is because of my habits and decisions, some decisions that I didn’t even know I was making because of my lack of self-awareness. I have a stronger grasp on my life and I decide what happens and take responsibility for what doesn’t. Very empowering experience but not for the weak minded.

Kathy Salem

Where do I even start to explain or describe the breakthroughs & awarenesses I experienced during my Discovery, Transformation & Leadership courses I took back in 2011 with EAC seminars. I went into these workshops with NO expectations, I really had no idea what I was getting into. But I did know one thing I was more than ever ready to experience something I had never experienced before. I open heartedly started my transformation surrounded by a group of supporting and loving staff members & an incredible coach who dedicated all his energy and passion into making sure each one of us had out breakthroughs. I had moments where I was very skeptical and would try to convince myself that this couldn't be real, how could I have never experienced this before in my life? Whatever the reasoning was I put that behind me and let myself dive into it. After doing my trainings and being at service for a few years I was able to really take everything I learned and incorporate it into my daily life. My personal life, my family, my career and mostly the relationship with myself was changed forever. My level of awareness and being present with others opened up and I started to see life more clearly. In 2014 I started my own business after being in the fashion industry for 12 years I was ready to call myself an entrepreneur. That in itself was scary but I knew it felt right deep down. In the 3-month leadership course I learned structure, partnership, communication, dedication and mostly commitment. This affected not only in building my career but all areas of my life and realizing how important my work was not only to others but to myself mostly. In the last year I have grown my business organically and have created a successful, growing company that I am very proud to call my own. I am very grateful to the EAC family for there love, commitment, and dedication to support others through there transformation. The memories will always remain from my trainings and I will forever hold them close to my heart. Thank you EAC!

Peggy Khoucasian

Sina Salehi

Going through the workshops which the center offers was by far the most impactful experience of my life. A few years prior to attending, I had heard about transformational workshops and their benefits from many different successful people I had met in my life. Most of the executives as well as the CEOs of the company I work with had all gone through these types of workshops in the beginning of their careers, and their obvious results spoke loud and clear. A couple different friends referred me here, and after much procrastination, I finally decided to attend.

It was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

For the sake of not ruining the experience for newcomers, I cannot reveal too much about the details of workshop itself.

This work is not a magic pill. I did not walk in and walk out as a different person. But what I gained were tools that I can and now do apply to any and every aspect of my life, to enhance the quality of my life.

With that said, there are certain parts of my personality that have shifted. I used to be very judgmental, of myself and others, and also very impatient. Since then, these qualities rarely come up in me. The reason why is that a lot of the negative feelings which used to lead to that are no longer there, and that is a direct result of the work.

For example, if someone cut me off while driving, I would be pissed off for the next few hours, and in turn I would take out my bad mood on the people that were around me. Now, this does not bother me AT ALL. Although it sounds like a very small thing, these and other similar kinds of little nuances happen throughout our daily lives, and when we learn to move past them very quickly, it lets us spend more time enjoying ourselves and being productive rather than being angry and resentful.

Another breakthrough I have had is being able to choose to have peace of mind. Naturally, I am very in my head. I am constantly thinking. And although that helps me in many parts of my life, sometimes it goes out of control. Over thinking situations would most often lead me to not taking any action at all, and because of that, I have missed out on many things in my life. The workshop helped me to calm my mind and be peaceful, making it much easier to focus back on what I actually want and how to get there, instead of letting my mind take me in circles.

Another important breakthrough I had was the enormous improvement in my communication skills. Most people do not listen to understand, they listen to respond. I fall into the second category, and prior to this, I did not understand how much of a negative impact this had on my life. It was keeping me from having better relationships with my family members, friends, partner, clients, and co-workers. Since I have become aware of it and started working on it, I have had huge improvement in my business and in my relationships, especially with my parents.

It was a very humbling, satisfying, and completely in-my-heart kind of experience, and it provided a lot of closure for things I had been holding onto for a long time. Most people come out feeling more “human” than they ever had.

People who have difficulty loving their fellow human beings, find that they now truly from their heart enjoy the presence of other people around them. And I believe that this is one of the keys to having true happiness.

Prior to the workshop, the way other people acted could be extremely irritating to me, especially if they were to do something very ignorant or just plain stupid. Now, when people do these kinds of things, I have learned to accept and enjoy them being who they are, rather than judge them and feel resentment towards them for acting in a way that did not align with my ideals. This has probably been the most important thing I took away from the work.

I could go on and on about the things I received from going through this experience, but I want to leave potential newcomers with one thing in mind.

This is NOT a workshop just for people who are “messed up” or have gone through traumatic experiences in their lives. It is for EVERYONE.

I come from a fairly privileged childhood and adulthood. I have not had any major deaths/illnesses among people close to me. I did not have any major traumatic experiences. I was not abused in any way as a child. I myself do not have any mental or physical illnesses or handicaps. I consider myself having had a very satisfying life so far.

However, this still had a major impact on my life, and it helped me overcome things which I DID NOT EVEN KNOW that I was struggling with.

If you find yourself reading this and thinking “there is nothing wrong with me, I don’t need to be fixed,” don’t let ignorance get the better of you, this is ABSOLUTELY for you.

And if you have by any chance gone through any kind of a traumatic experience in your life, you can consider this work to feel like a home that you have been looking for, for a very long time.

Sina Salehi


When I first came to Discovery, I was lost, depressed and living life without purpose. I have had an amazing couple of years and its all because I found myself, my passion and my purpose through the work I did with you in Discovery, Transformation, Mastery and most importantly during Leadership. After completing the series, I returned to school for education and graduated with distinction last Saturday (meaning, I am the most accomplished person in the entire college of education at USF for this graduating class)! I have also been published twice and given four professional presentations regarding educational research that I conducted! When I think back over the past few years, I am amazed at how far I have come. I am so excited to be on my path and doing so well. I can finally say that I am proud of myself and my accomplishments. It's a wonderful feeling and I had to share. Thank you for everything!!!   Forever grateful - EW

Being Set Free

I took my first workshop (Discovery) with EAC in September 2010.  I had no idea what I was walking into, and was pretty much scared to death.  I quickly came to realize exactly why I was at the workshop, and what the purpose of it all was.

Prior to attending Discovery, I felt like I wasn’t living to my life to its full potential.  I had lost my sense of direction, and wasn’t quite sure what my next move in life should be.

Through taking Discovery, Transformation, SELP etc.  I got a new sense of awareness.  I realized how many possibilities actually exist within my life, and all I have to do is reach out and grab them.  Throughout this journey, I have discovered my own true self worth, the power I hold by being accountable, and the freedom of knowing I create every event in my life and that I get to choose how to interact with those events.

Thank you EAC, and a very special thanks to Sam for your love, compassion, and your unwavering commitment to transforming lives.


To the life being transformed:

I was probably the easiest person to enroll into the Discovery Workshop.  All my cousin needed to say to enroll me was, “You will fly and it will change your life.”  But, little did I know exactly how true that was…

For me, taking the Discovery Workshop was about healing and letting go.  I had been numb for seven years.  My family had gone through a traumatic life changing experience of my sister nearly drowning in the jacuzzi of my parents house. She was unable to walk, talk or eat by herself.  I hated the universe and I was certain that the universe hated me.  I pushed everyone away and felt completely lost.  The Discovery Workshop helped me find the tools I needed to be responsible, accountable and to take ownership of my life. I noticed my role in life and how I was playing in my own life and with people that I built relationships with.  I learned how to see through new filters of love and acceptance.  I realized that by hating the universe, I was really only hating myself. This way of being did not serve me and therefore, the pain I held onto for seven years, I let go in those five days.

After Discovery… there was no question that I would enroll in Transformation.
Transformation changed my life.  I learned how to shift into different beings depending on which being I needed to be in that moment.  I learned the significance of giving away what I wanted for myself. I learned about being authentic with myself and others. Transformation helped me realize which areas of my life didn’t feel complete and therefore the classes helped me find the tools to complete all areas of my life that didn’t feel fulfilled; for example, my relationship with my parents and with my education, etc…

The Leadership program guided me on how to make my visions turn into reality.  During my leadership program, I found the career path that would change my life forever. I created goals and I committed to making them come true.  Through this program, I realized my passion for working with children with special needs. I applied to a University, got a job and moved out of my parents house. I never thought school was for me.

I was always the student that felt lost in class. But through my leadership program and through my commitment, I got my Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Leadership is about committing to your word and vision regardless of any circumstance or internal conversation that may show up on the way.  I was always a believer that just one person can make a difference in this world.  When I think of my experiences during these workshops, I think of great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon, Jesus or Moses.  These great leaders had many circumstances and internal conversations that could have blocked them their visions but their commitment to their vision was much greater.

That’s what these classes gave to me. The gift of being in greatness. The gift of being a leader.



I am a 44 year old man, married with 3 kids. Before taking discovery and transformation I was unhappy with the person that I was , and where my life was headed. Did not have the right tools to look at my life and appreciate what I had in life. Being involved in discovery and transformation and then staffing for my wife’s discovery and transformation basically changed my life , my marriage and my relationship with my kids. I highly suggest to all my loved ones , and any one for that matter to open your heart and experience some thing that is impossible to express by words. I see it as being able to watch yourself from above and see what we do and feel in the way you never did. Please give yourself the gift of love.



I took Discovery back in September 2011 and it was the decision I have ever made. For so many years, I was holding onto my past, a past that brought me shame, guilt, and anger.  Thanks to a beautiful human being Chaim, who opened up his heart to enroll me into taking the workshop Discovery and later Transformation, I freed myself from my past and began a new life.  A life filled with love, power, confidence, and excitement.  I wish I had taken these workshops before; I would have freed up myself from my past and had started to enjoy my life sooner.



Before going to Discovery, I considered myself to be invincible. I always told everyone that over time I had become perfect and that no one or no thing could hurt me. The truth that I was ignoring was the fact that I had put up many layers of armor over my heart. The problem with the armor is that it was on all the time, restricting me from being able to open my heart to others. Since my heart had been so layered up with armor, I felt incapable of loving or being loved, but Discovery opened my eyes to all the possibilities in life. I felt myself as a loving and loveable man, which greatly enhanced the intimacy of many of my relationships. In Transformation, I enhanced the tools for success that I had received in Discovery and I gained new ones as well. I was able to break out of my comfort zone and achieve things that I never considered possible for myself. I was able to feel myself as being peaceful, loving, lovable, passionate, confident, worthy, beautiful, and happy whenever I needed to be. By experiencing Discovery and Transformation, I have become able to open my heart to others. Also I am now able to work through the rough times life has and will throw in my way without shutting down and going back into my shell.



Thank you EAC, for making a difference in my life. Through Discovery and Transformation I’ve received tools to support reaching my goals, albeit with my family, financially and career. The Discovery workshop gave me the ability to distinguish the gaps between where I was and where I desired to be. Not only have I benefited immensely, but so has my family and loved ones. I use these tools in all of my relationships daily. From being a woman who felt of little worth before the Discovery workshop, I now know my value and what I’m capable of- anything.

Thank you for making the world a different place.



Being part of this workshops has changed the way I look at life, not just life in general but my life. It has helped me become a confident person at work. I have learned how to accept myself, love my self, I’ve learned how I’m the only person stopping myself from being who I truly am; a beautiful, confident, fearless, loving and happy woman. The relationships with my family have a whole new meaning, there is communication, acceptance and above all love!



Who would have guessed that meeting Sam at City Hall on that day in late September – my life was about to light up in a way I could never have imagined.  I mean, I was at the time going through a “rough patch” but we all know that there are those periods in your life and you just “get through them”, right?  Other than that, I was successful not only in my current career, which was my third, but for the most part in all aspects of my life.  It was not perfection but it was better than alot of people and that was enough.  I was ok overall – but was I?

I remember walking into the room for Discovery and being curious about what I was about to experience – I didn’t have a clue.  How bad could it be, right?  Another workshop, been to alot of those during my life.  Well, this experience was like no other and after the 3 1/2 days, I knew there was a lightness that I felt down to my core.  I didn’t understand everything at the time I just knew, instinctively,  I had to follow this through.  So, you ask, what did you gain from this?  My response – everything!!  I am living life in the moment, appreciating those around me, learning to love myself for who I really am, not who others think I am.  I can taste life in a way I never have and my ONLY regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.  Words seem to do so little justice for the experience I have had and the impact on my life, my career and those around me.  All I can say is PRICELESS



The EAC experience was life-changing for me.  I was able to identify and examine patterns in my life that were no longer serving me.  The workshop provides tools that you can use to interrupt those patterns and transform your actions into behaviors that DO serve you.  The experiential nature of the workshop is fantastic — I had many “aha” moments!  I took my first workshop a couple years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t utilize the skills developed over that amazing weekend.  Thank you Sam and EAC!!!



It was with mild trepidation that I took my seat that first Thursday evening of the Discovery Workshop. What began as a fluke became an exuberant journey full of new and endless possibilities for me. I walked into that room a bruised flower whose petals had shed and by the end of the Transformation workshop, I left a powerful woman who had discovered peace and light at the end of the tunnel. The value of the work became undeniably clear.

Having completed my battle with cancer just 30 days prior to the Discovery Workshop, recovery and closure to that chapter in my life seemed unattainable. This work proved otherwise. These workshops created a bubble of possibility in which I was able to try on new opinions and experiment with fresh behaviors.

This work has completely transformed my life, my husband’s life and therefore our child’s life. I often find myself wondering, ‘What if I never stumbled upon EAC and this work? Where would I be right now?’ The truth is that EAC and the work it stands for, helped me, a cancer survivor finally learn how to live my life. I feel an overwhelming desire to give away what I have gained which is why I choose to remain in this space of growth, love & breakthroughs. As for the woman who enrolled me, I am eternally indebted to you….


Chris Zogopoulos

I’m not one to embark on self discovering journeys. I don’t make leaps of faith and until recently, I considered myself immune to anything that remotely resembled a breakthrough. Meditation puts me to sleep and yoga bores and frustrates me.

I reluctantly agreed to enroll myself in the Discovery Workshop and had no expectations. For four days, I lived an unforgettable experience. It was a roller coaster of life. The interactions that took place within the class led me to some life transforming realizations.

This work has led me to believe that there is no relationship too dead to be revived and no love too cold to be warmed. I was touched, moved and inspired. I left the workshop with a number of practical tools that continue to improve the quality of my life. As a result, my relationship and communication with my wife of 9 years has reached levels that I never thought possible. Love and excitement are now so present in my life. And, my six year old son reaps the benefit of our interactions.

Chris Zogopoulos

Yassi Somen

EAC workshops have given me the most natural high on life. This has been multi-vitamin for my soul, a battery recharge, a reboot and a raise on life. As pinch me, I’m dreaming, this is too good to be true moments take over, I have come to realizations that anything is possible. And that we create and choose our choices. I am forever grateful for the awareness, clarity and peace that EAC has brought me.

Yassi Somen
New York


Discovery, has given me the gift to dream up the world I want to live in, and to dream out loud.



This work gives you a chance to improve your life in so many different ways. It’s everything from a well needed wake up call to an amazing vacation. It’s a journey that I am extremely happy I took. I’ve met some incredible people while learning a lot about myself. I’ve gained the life tools I need to open my eyes and start being me, to my fullest potential. You’re in for a surprise and an amazing experience.



The workshops – Discovery and Transformation – were truly incredible journeys. I went into them not knowing what to expect – and frankly not expecting all that much – and came out with more than I could have imagined… An amazing sense of clarity and awareness of all facets of my life; fantastic friendships; better relationships with family and friends; motivation and a great sense of empowerment; and most importantly, a realization that living life to its fullest (or not), was entirely up to me. I didn’t have to settle for ‘just ok’.



My experiences of the EAC workshops are difficult to put into words. It seems like a cliché to say things like “life changing…..incredible….dramatic”. Actually, words don’t do it justice. My impression is – you need to experience it, you need to feel it, you need to be in it – to get it!

Before Discovery, my first workshop, I thought I had a great life. Great marriage, great kids, very loving and nurturing family environment, good job, excellent relationships, childhood, friends. And now, the way I live my life doesn’t compare to how I lived before. Everything is so much more meaningful, my relationships are deeper, my communication with my wife and daughters is incredible, I show up more powerfully as a leader at work. I could go on and on…

Being in this space makes me realize that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. Truly, anything is possible. And we all need a coach – in whatever we do. To me, having a great life is not enough – I want an EXTRAORDINARY life. These workshops, this space, the people in the space, and Mark Somen – all are going to take me on the journey for EXTRAORDINARY!



Almost 2 years ago, I took a very hesitant step into this work on the recommendation of my sister. At the time, I had recently overcome a tragedy in my life and felt I was handling whatever card was dealt to me in my own way.

Today, having been fortunate enough to participate in many of EAC’s workshops and programs, I can honestly say, I don’t want to imagine how my life would have continued without the awareness and clarity I have gained as a result. Words cannot do justice in describing the many aspects of life that this work touches. It has given me practical and tangible tools, I can use in all the different relationships in my life to make them more, better and different. As a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and a woman, this work has allowed me to be Extraordinary! It has taught me that I am the source of everything I wish to create in my life and in the lives of people around me.

I wholeheartedly stand for this work and the limitless possibilities it offers to each and every individual that is willing to take an incredible journey of discovering what LIFE is!

Mother, Self Employed

Kristen Mehran

Looking back, my goal for Discovery was to live the best life possible. By surrendering and letting the workshop take its course, I emerged feeling a new sense of faith in possibilities for the greatest most powerful, compelling visions for my life. I have no doubt it can be created as I know the success of me lies in how I show up for myself and others. I have gained clarity about the past, future, and present- oh what a gift it is!

I am deeply grateful for the commitment and the breadth of this work. The result can be found in all of us who are reaching out to others in hopes that they choose the path of creating and recreating an extraordinary life.

I knew this class would be beneficial to my life but what I experienced and what I continue to experience is incredible. Part of me is speechless- A part of me can’t say enough and in the midst is on-going growth and continued self-discovery.

Kristen Mehran


I remember how resistant I was to taking this work and sitting in a workshop for three and a half days. Right from the onset, I realized everything I was hearing made a lot of sense. The first experience that I got out of my Discovery workshop was the ability to let go. Watching others get their breakthroughs was both an inspiration and an encouragement. I realized that I had reached a pivotal point in my journey of awareness and self discovery. There is more to this life than what we have been limited to see. Limited by years of coping with life events which leave our vision tainted and clouded against clarity. This work is like wiping the fog off the glasses through which I see myself and life with.

And then the work begins. Getting a glimpse does not eliminate or stop our strong tendencies to be “Comfortable”, and “Arrogantly Right” in our ways. I could honestly say since January 3, 2008, every day has brought new awareness and insight. And, this is the beginning of my journey. I will only know how far I can go, if I’m WILLING to go far. The farther I go the more lives I will touch. That’s the difference.



All my life I have been searching for a better world than the one I was born into; to be able to fulfill my desire for everlasting Serenity. So I started gathering more and more information from OUTSIDE sources.

EAC helped me experience my unrealized feelings and potentials through a series of experiential exercises, that was unlike everything else, I had so diligently learned and intellectually knew in my life.

The Discovery workshop for me was a beginning of a fascinating and continuous journey of the world within me; Uncovering what I was born with perfectly, and realizing the serenity that lies quietly WITHIN me.


These workshops brought me back to me and the now.

This work was like a vacation for my mind where I laughed, cried, I was happy, scared, anxious and made some amazing friends for life. It reminded me that yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery, now is the present, that’s why it’s called a gift.

This work helped me look deep inside of myself and when I did, I saw a lot of pain and emptiness. At the same time I saw someone who is perfect and beautiful. It has been a long journey that will never end but through coaching and support, it becomes a wonderful journey.

This work has helped me realize my confidence, my power, my peace, my loving nature and worthiness and has helped me be a HAPPY WOMAN !!!!!! Thank you EAC.

Hair Stylist

The Most Important Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself!

I have been part of this universe for 24,193,643.2 moments which is closely equivalent to 46 years. I am grateful to have the most magnificent 15 year old young lady call me Mommy. Currently I work as an Executive Administrator in a CPA Firm.

On April 10, 2008 I walked through the doors of the Discovery Workshop and I knew my life would never be the same! My journey through Discovery, Transformation, Mastery, Be-Do-Have, Inner Child and Matrix as well as staffing has left me free to embrace all parts of myself from a place of curiosity and openness. This is the abundant ground for a whole new life, one of peace, love, happiness, communication and creativity. I hear my voice of wisdom through being my authentic self! My vision expands as I experience my experience.

I began to connect more deeply and regularly with my soul, I am passionate with new inspiration and insights to open up new possibilities! I am developing an awareness of where, when and how. I am able to change the way I think and act, which changes how I feel. That’s powerful! Simply by noticing I can be what I need to be, therefore appreciating and savoring that amazing feeling, building on it and sharing it with others. I am beginning to transform my life.

I am sharing from my heart. I have had troubled times and sometimes still experience times of fear, doubt and confusion. It’s through this process that change happens. It’s through my experience and insights that I am moved to make choices and take the action needed to transform my life. I have gained a deeper understanding of who I am, what I really want and what I need to do in order to create an extraordinary life I love.

I’ve been given a gift of love and strength. The masterful way this work is presented really touched my soul and has left me with a sense of oneness. What an incredible experience, possibly the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Soheil (Sam), your commitment, lively spirit, honesty, wonderful stories and great sense of humor is an inspiration. Your charisma is so captivating. Thank you!

Executive Administrator

Rozita, Gallery Director

I cannot remember a time when I was really with myself or among my peers without shame, anger, helplessness, anxiety or guilt. I cannot remember a time when I felt loved, appreciated, supported, praised or ever identified with anyone. I cannot remember a time when I was content, calm, composed or in peace with my existence.

Through my journey in this work, throughout the past year, I, no longer, bother to remember! I have discovered myself, loving every minute of my metamorphosis.

I feel alive, rejuvenated, and in power of my life. What greater gift can be offered to anyone? Thank you EAC. I am grateful!!

Dance as though no one is watching you,

Love as though you have never been hurt before,

Sing as though no one can hear you,

Live as though heaven is on earth.

Gallery Director


I started attending the E.A.C. workshops in order to overcome my depression due to my father’s tragic death. Not only did I become okay with my father’s death, I also gained a new perspective of life. Prior to attending the workshops, I just lived day-to-day but didn’t really know HOW to live life. The workshops opened new doors for me and gave me the opportunity to see the light and experience how it feels to be ALIVE every day. I came to the realization that once you get to know the person inside you (your true self), your vision and understanding of life broadens.

My relationship with myself and everyone around me (including my husband, children, friends, and even strangers) has been influenced significantly. I find my relationships to be more powerful, meaningful, peaceful, and much more beautiful than ever before. What I gained from E.A.C.’s workshops are irreplaceable and I find the value to be limitless.



My journey began two years ago when a group of friends encouraged me to take this self-discovery course. I was 36 years old, wife and mother of two wonderful boys. I was content and comfortable with my life, but always felt that there’s something missing. I was curious to what this course could offer me, being a psychology minor in college, I decided to put my ego aside and give this class a try.

The first course I took was Discovery. I got hooked on the technique that was used and released so much pain that I was holding onto from the past that it even helped me pass a kidney stone in the process. Next I moved onto Transformation. This class showed me where I was in life and where I could be. It revived a dead soul that existed within me. I saw for the first time what living is all about. I then continued to Inner-Child, where I saw how I was still waiting for permission to live the life I wanted to live. I then connected to a child within me that died many years ago with her sister. Finally Mastery, where I saw the third dimension of life and where spirituality comes from; a deeply spiritual and uplifting experience. Being a student of Kabala, This course just made it all so much clearer.

You may ask where I am right now. I am where I’m supposed to be and I love every minute of it. I am living a life where every day I discover something new about myself. I am more aware of my life and my surroundings than ever before. It doesn’t stop just at me. My husband and children are learning through me. My home is harmonious and in sync. The best part of it is that I have learned how to give of myself to people and yet get back so much more.

Life still has its ups and downs. I enjoy the ups and deal with the downs as a learning experience. We ask God for direction and God gives us signs from all directions – we just have to be aware to catch his signs. This class was one of those signs for me.



I am finally free,
Free to be the true me.
I always felt deep down that I could be more.
I have so much to give, I always did.
I knew it was always there,
Although I hid it beneath layers of armor
To protect my heart from pain.
I found who I am, who I always was.

I am finally free,
Free to be the true me.
Free of judgment and overwhelming anxiety.
With confidence and self-worth, I am able to soar to unthinkable heights.
Like a bird, I am free.
The clarity and peace that has entered my body
Is something that will last a lifetime.
Each day I wake up with a smile and remember
That I am finally free,

Free to be the true me.

I found who I am, who I always was.



I came to E.A.C. to overcome the fear and anxiety that was keeping me prisoner and running my life. At the seminar I learned why I react to situations the way I do. I also learned that in life I ALWAYS have a choice. I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be anxious but the decision is always mine. This tiny insight has totally changed the way I look at life! I wish I had done this work 25 years ago!!!



I used to think I knew everything I need to know about relationships and about myself to be happy. Once I started attending the E.A.C. workshops, I realized that all along I had my eyes closed to other possibilities that exist for me in life. That no matter how great or how happy I may be, there is always room for improvement and personal growth. I realized my presence makes a difference and for the first time ever, I experienced that “if it is to be, it’s up to me”. I can’t rely on others to bring me happiness or satisfaction in life; I am responsible for my happiness and must create it myself. I have come to realize that there is no limit to what I can achieve and what I can contribute to others.

Today, I stand as the powerful, loving, happy and beautiful woman that I am, and believe in myself more than ever before. Having attended several of E.A.C.’s workshops, I not only must acknowledge E.A.C., but also Soheil Navidbakhsh (trainer) for his personal insight and commitment to each and every one of his students. I truly believe that he has a gift, which makes his workshops extraordinary.



Several years ago, one of my good friends referred me to the E.A.C. workshops. Since then, my life has changed dramatically. I have gained a much better understanding of myself and the people around me. My relationship with my father and sister is deeper than ever. I am a lot more complete with the loss of my mother. And, although she is not in this world anymore, my relationship with her and appreciation of who she was is also deeper than ever. Before I used to react to situations, the smallest things used to bother me, make me uncomfortable, and take away from my peace. Now I have learned how to interact and deal with different situations and enjoy winning in life. I have recognized how fragile childhood is and how the smallest of incidents impact the rest of your entire life. Even more important, I have learned to let go of a lot of pains associated with my childhood experiences which used to control my way of thinking and every day life as an adult. As a result, I have created a new way of thinking and a new way of looking at life, and recognizing how peaceful and beautiful life really is.

As a single male, I can say I will choose my partner in life based on the new me, and not based on my shortcomings. Therefore, I can cherish my partner in marriage for a lifetime. Today, I have gained an inner peace which I never had before in life, and can say that I wish I had started these workshops a long time ago. Knowing what I know today, I recommend everyone choose to impact his or her own lives and open new possibilities for their future.



E.A.C.’s workshops have allowed me to overcome my fears, be able to love myself, and be able to receive and feel love — something I was not able to do before. As a result, my relationship with my son is closer than ever. I am very grateful to E.A.C. and its team for creating new possibilities in my life.


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